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Relationships || Taking Off Your Shoes: Someone's S.H.O.E.S. Stink!

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Relationships || Taking Off Your Shoes: Someone's S.H.O.E.S. Stink!

Who Is Dr. Charles A. Moody Jr. || Unique, out of the box, and strategic risk-taker are the characteristics that describe Charles A. Moody Jr., one of America's most engaging speakers and consultants. He possesses and ability to teach organizations and individuals how to critically look at their organizations and implement changes  that increase their sustainability. Fluent in working with diverse populations, Dr. Moody is able to introduce technical concepts with a simplicity that allows him, not only to cross, but to also eliminate racial, class and economic boundaries. With a compelling determination to truly empower organizations and individuals by any means necessary, he engages his listeners and takes them on an incredible journey through the use of creative illustrations and props. Audiences often find themselves in awe as they experience his exceptional style of teaching. His uniqueness is further exemplified by his ability to incorporate psychological and sociological concepts that are necessary for self-awareness, a quality that is needed to affect change.
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